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Open Enrollment

South Granville High School

" An Arts and Sciences School"

South Granville High School  provides many career opportunities in design and entertainment and has therapeutic and creative benefits that allow students to be diverse learners. Science provides many career opportunities for potential future nurses, doctors, farmers, landscapers, and veterinarians. South Granville High School offers many courses in both these areas. Students of choice must follow a pathway if accepted to South Granville High School as their Choice School. In order to meet the criteria of any of the pathways, students must complete 4 credits in the chosen pathway - at least 1 advanced, honors or college level class in that specific pathway, and must be involved in an extracurricular that aligns with that pathway. The South Granville High School Arts and Sciences Pathways are: Agriculture Sciences, Sciences, Health Sciences, Instrumental Arts, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts.

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