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Committed to Excellence & Achievement For All!
Committed to Excellence & Achievement For All!
South Granville High School is committed to excellence and achievement for all!
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Air Quality Tests at SGHS

11 hours ago

air quality test updates at sghs.

Granville County Public Schools is committed to the safety and well-being of its students and staff.  All school facilities are being tested for air quality by an independent, certified laboratory.  The results of these tests are posted to the website below and any additional action steps will be communicated to all members of the school community.

Follow-up testing to the previous samples taken on July 24 are posted below.  All areas of the school are clear with the exception of the auditorium.  Measures are being taken to clean and clear that facility.  Results from re-testing will be posted once available.


The most recent random sample air quality tests taken on July 24, 2018 showed a normal fungal ecology in your school EXCEPT for a few isolated areas:

Classroom 23 had elevated counts.  We are aware of this room and will remediate asap.  The air conditioning unit will also be repaired.

The tests also detected elevated counts in the auditorium.  We will retest that again in the next batch of testing soon.  As of now, we will place air scrubbers there.  The air conditioner is also being repaired - some valves/actuators are being replaced that should help with humidity levels.


On Wednesday, September 27, an independent laboratory conducted air quality tests at South Granville High School.  We received these reports on 10-2-17 and they are posted below:

By Dr. Stan Winborne, EdD